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Online Food
Ordering System
for Restaurants

Start accepting online orders on your own website. Allow your customers to order directly using their smartphones.

✔ 30 days Free Trial   ✔ Zero Commission

Delivery & Pick Up - Online food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

How it Works

Delivery & Pick Up - Online food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

Your customers can visit your website, select their order type and start ordering from their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

Delivery & Pick Up - Online food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

Once everything has been added to the cart, customers can enter their details, select their payment method and then place the order.

Delivery & Pick Up - Online food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

Manage your orders via a single portal. Receive order notifications, monitor order status and ensure guest satisfaction.

Delivery & Pick Up - Online food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

Get started by filling out our easy registration form and upload your menu and logo. Our team will take care of everything for you.

Online food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu
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Increase brand visibility

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Increase customer loyalty

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Increase online sales

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No commission on orders

Unlock the power of Digital

Online Ordering made Simpler, Faster and Commission Free.

Your Own Online
Food Ordering System

Let customers place delivery or pick-up orders directly from your online menu.

Launch a commission-free restaurant ordering system and say goodbye to handling orders by phone.

Pickup & Delivery website for restaurants - Pixomenu
Restaurant online ordering system - Pixomenu

Own Your Profit,
Own Your Customer

Stop sharing your revenue with third-party order & delivery platforms. It's your effort and your loyal customers. You should be the one making profits !

✦ Zero commission

✦ Accessible on all devices

✦ Real-time order management

✦ Staff accounts

✦ Customer Analytics

Use Facebook to
hook more customers

With our smart link, users who click the "Start Order" button on your restaurant's Facebook page will be redirected to your delicious menu.

Your clients can now order from you just by visiting your restaurant's Facebook page.

Facebook food ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

Get new orders through your Google Business Profile

Your customers can order directly via an “Order online” button on your restaurant's Business Profile on Google.

Our team will help you setup your Google My Business account in minutes.


Say hello to new customers !

Google food ordering - Pixomenu


Everything you need to start, manage and succeed with online ordering

Easy Order Management

Using our real-time order management interface, your staff can get a birds eye view of every pending order and easily keep track of what needs to be prepared next


​Our online ordering interface is available in several different languages that can easily be chosen by your customer


Built to be used worldwide. All your currencies, dates and times are formatted in the most recognizable way for your local customers

Theme Management

By using PixoMenu’s admin dashboard, you can design a menu that reflects your restaurant's brand

Delivery Zoning

Create specific delivery zones for each of your store locations and charge a different fee for each zone

Accurate Delivery Wait Times

Customers are provided with accurate delivery wait times that take into consideration the time it takes to prepare food along with the driving time

Promotional Codes

Create promo codes for fixed and percent based discounts. Restrict promotions based on a number of different available rules.

Automated Order Printing

Automatically print new orders whenever they are placed with a less than 5 second delay

Try it risk free,
without obligations

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