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About Us

Our story is about the evolution of online ordering systems

Best online ordering systems for restaurants - Pixomenu
Where The Inspiration Came From

PixoMenu was born from the problems faced by numerous small business restaurant and cafe owners. Towards the end of 2019, we had the opportunity to speak with many local restaurants. At the time we were selling a different system also in the hospitality industry.

During this period, most business owners were open enough to discuss the problems they were facing. We realised through our conversations with them that one of the biggest trends coming into the food space currently is online ordering. However, all the existing widespread solutions in the market were a nightmare for restaurant and cafe owners.

Why PixoMenu ?

The reason PixoMenu exists is simple. We wanted to offer a system that provides an easy way to accept and manage every type of online order. Without needing to break the bank to do so. That's not it though, more than anything we learned that small businesses want reliability and support. The price may attract you initially but partnering with us, it's the support, stability and constant improvement that will keep you around.

Where PixoMenu is Currently

Today PixoMenu is extremely robust with many new features on its way. We are still constantly making improvements and fixing any issues. There is still a long road ahead but compared to other solutions, we still come on top in many areas. Best of all you have nothing to lose trying us.

PixoMenu is an Estonian company.

Mobile ordering system for restaurants - Pixomenu

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